Best Music Programme

The award will go to the best music programme or series based on musical performance or event coverage. IT CANNOT BE A DOCUMENTARY, ENTERTAINMENT OR FACT ENT SHOW, but magazines or discussion shows may be entered. Technical innovations, brand identity, originality and connection with the audience will all be taken into consideration. The winner will be the best work of music programming on terrestrial, cable or satellite TV in the UK during the qualifying period.

Qualifying period: all entries must be have been made by a UK producer. Their first transmission must have been between 17 September 2018 and 13 September 2019 on a UK-based broadcaster, or on a global broadcaster or streaming service where the UK TX was simultaneous with the global launch.

As part of your entry, you are required to upload one episode of the programme and three jpeg high res (300dpi) images/stills that represent your entry. These may be used in Broadcast Magazine if you are shortlisted.

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  • Date of First Transmission
  • Channel first broadcast on:
  • Production Company
  • Average viewing figures
  • Peak viewing figures
  • Budget per episodeĀ  – The judges request that budgets are provided and may choose to mark down entries that do not provide that information – please write Not Disclosed if do not wish to provide this information.
  • How it met audience/broadcaster/commercial requirements (300 words)
  • Details of any live coverage challenges (300 words)
  • Details of technology used and how it was employed (300 words)
  • Details of innovation – how has coverage developed (300 words)