Emerging Indie of the Year

This award will go to an emerging production company that has quickly established a reputation for quality or distinctive programming. Judges will assess production companies on both creative and commercial terms.

In order to qualify the production company must have a turnover of less than £10m and to have been established for less than five years at the start of the eligibility period. Both criteria must be satisfied.

Companies launched by experienced execs, or as part of super-indie groups are eligible to enter, but particular credit will be given to businesses created by emerging talent that are shaping a strong, new narrative.

Qualifying criteria: The awards will be based on the calibre of the shows that TX’d in the qualifying period (1st October 20 – 22nd September 21), as opposed to commissions won that have yet to air. Outstanding programming is at the heart of the award, but significant appointments, moving into new genres or international success will also be considered.

As part of your entry, you are required to upload a show reel comprised of work within the qualifying period (3-minute limit) and three jpeg high res (300dpi) images/stills that represent your entry. These may be used in Broadcast Magazine if you are shortlisted.

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Why should your business win this award? (750 words)

Please consider creative highlights, critical and viewing figure success, breadth of programming, commercial case, progress made in terms of diversity and development of business over the year. You may like to discuss any challenges overcome, and characterise the company’s early years or breakthrough programmes.