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Broadcast Awards

Kieran Doherty

Co-Founder, Stellify Media

Kieran Doherty is a Northern Irish writer, TV format creator and Executive Producer. He is also the co-founder and joint CEO of Stellify Media, which he launched in 2014 with his creative and business partner, Matthew Worthy, as a joint venture with Sony Pictures Television.

His format credits include, Flinch (Netflix), Celebrity Snoop Dogs (Ch4), Can’t Touch This (BBC /FOX), Take the Money and Run (ABC) and Secret Fortune (BBC / CBS). 
Stellify is best known for successfully rebooting Who Wants to be a Millionaire? for ITV and Fastest Finger First, the ITV Daytime spinoff show with Anita Rani. 

Kieran is a founding member of The Media Therapy Group, the largest media networking group in Ireland